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Become a Wholesale Vinyl Siding Dealer of a Superior Product

When you become a wholesale vinyl siding dealer with Brigade Board, you can be part of Precision Shift™, an innovative new technology that has created a vinyl siding product that brings together quality insulation from Georgia Foam and vinyl siding from Vytec. Precision Shift™ is a mechanical fastening system that allows the vinyl to float freely from the insulation, giving you get a product that goes on straight, performs better, and installs easily – especially when joining ends. Brigade Board’s insulating siding system also:
  • Boasts mechanical fasteners every 16 inches that allow the vinyl to shift freely, making it easier to trim overlapping ends without needing to scrape glue
  • Allows moisture to escape as it breathes and adjusts easily to temperature changes
  • Resists warping, oil canning and shadow lines at seams
  • Presents a solid, impact-resistant surface because the vinyl settles snuggly against the insulation
  • Allows you to offer customers a manufacturer’s lifetime guarantee
For details on how offering wholesale vinyl siding from Brigade Board can benefit you, we invite you to explore our additional resources: For additional information, visit our partner companies, Western Wood Products and Georgia Foam, or call 1 (800) 476-3122 to discuss the possibilities of become one of our wholesale vinyl siding dealers.

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